Bokbuss – Library bus

This last year 2016 were mostly committed to a big project I was commissioned to do. I was first asked to do a sketch of how the new library bus, my town was about to buy, should be decorated. I then did an aquarelle that got scanned and printed on a plastic film on the bus. I worked on the painting from januaryIMG_20161222_142916[1] IMG_20161222_143107[1] IMG_20161223_105924 IMG_20161223_110253 IMG_20161223_110759 IMG_20161223_111018 IMG_20161223_111226 IMG_20161223_111439 to august.

My main goal with the painting was to have it full of colour so it would be seen from afar. I came upp with the idea to have a yellow road like “the yellow brick road” from The wizard of Oz to run the whole way round the bus.  I also painted a lion and a tin man. The other motives came along the road… I wanted the image to invite to different stories.


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